Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Reflections...

2011 has been an interesting year. Hope you are all having a lovely evening celebrating the end of it. Mr TPS & I are not really into New Years - he doesn't like crowds & I'm not that keen on how overhyped it is. So we are celebrating in what's become our own tradition, a nice dinner together, a few cocktails - have a cosmo in hand whilst typing so please forgive errors! - and just some quiet reflection time.

I also like to get the Xmas tree down before the new year starts, so that is my plan after finishing this post.

My most memorable things about 2011:

* Finishing my first year in my new career - I'm impressed I made it this far. There was a moment when I was working late everyday & doing 2-3 rostered overtime shifts a week that I was worried... looking back I remember those times fondly. Ah, hindsight.
* Trying to find the balance between work, home & social life. I don't think I have achieved this yet. I was adamant I would get a cleaner, but haven't yet.
* Our trip to the USA - almost 4 weeks of spending time with Mr TPS! We survived & had a great time in the process!! (will keep blogging about my trip as we head into the new year)
* Gaining a lovely new stepmother-in-law ;) After my devastation about the lack of relationship with my actual mother-in-law, karma paid off & gave me a new one x
* Finally getting my house to visitor-ready status!! It involved building a storage cage, and some hard work these last few weeks but I am finally there!
* Watching our manic puppy starting to mature into a well-behaved dog. He still has his moments but is a LOT better behaved than this time last year!!!
* Spending quality time with family - you never know how long they'll be around!
* Beginning my blog: I had thought about starting one for some time but never thought anyone would actually be interested. It's been a welcome distraction from work stress. The highlight was the day that thestylishshoegirl started following me - had been reading hers for some time! Then we met up in NYC at the Plaza over Bellinis - as you do. Looking forward to continuing our friendship & hopefully a meet up in the new year!

Hope you've all had a wonderful 2011 & I'm looking forward to sharing 2012 with you all.

This Past Week...

* Enjoyed 3 days off, with the nicest weather we've had all summer, and lots of time celebrating xmas with family & friends.
* Cleaned the house from top to bottom.
* Got my leave approved for 2012 - and still thinking about what we will do, but Hawaii is looking like the front runner so far.
* Pondered my resolutions for the new year.
* Practised being tolerant.
* Picked up extra shifts again.
* Helped my parents with a mini-declutter
* Hit the sales with my sister
* Ate way too much!!!
* Went on some dates with mr TPS & enjoyed puggy's company & increasingly good behavior.
* Did LOADS of washing.
* Almost have the place to the decluttered point I want it to be at!!!

Queen's Christmas Message 2011

My first video post!!

I really enjoyed this message, was lovely to see all the snippets of Australia & her talk about the weddings of her 2 grandchildren x

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Xmas Sales Haul

Hit the sales in the city today with my sister. We had an epic buying day a few years ago... Today was not one of those. But I did happen to pick up these: Review Pixie Cami & Christina skirt - I bought both!! Top was still full-price, but they currently have 30% off full-price items so picked it up for $90ish, whilst the skirt was down to $79.

Review Fifi Skirt (tried on the top, but didn't really love it) - skirt was $59. Still love the dress version of this skirt, but holding back at this stage.

See by Chloe cream cardi with tie waist (one of my own pics, sorry about the quality) $450+ down to $169.

Wore the Pixie cami & Christina skirt to see MI4 with Mr TPS last Thursday (totally loved it by the way) and ended up picking up a few things from Rebel (they were having a great sale on clothing) & a deep green t-shirt from FCUK.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Royal Fashion Monday

Royal Christmas

English Royals off to Church at Sandringham...

Out walking...

Danish Royals off to Church...

And Norwegian...

Xmas haul...

A selection of my lovely xmas gifts...
From KK at Mr TPS's family Xmas (aka my SIL)

From my family:

 Also Mr TPS gave me a wireless apple keyboard for my ipad - obviously sick of me complaining about typing on my ipad ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just in case you were wondering...

Ended up going with my black suede wedge heels by Kate Spade tonight. My first wearing & surprisingly comfortable! Thought of number one Kate Spade & fellow blogger TheStylishShoeGirl as I picked them out.

The all important decision...

After a cleaning frenzy in my place this week & mass decluttering I am feeling fresher & lighter! Have also decided what I'm wearing for Xmas! For our annual Xmas party tonight with our family friends/"cousins":
And for our super long Xmas day tomorrow:
Off to get ready for tonight! Still need to decide which shoes to wear!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Hope that you are able to spend the day with your loved ones, my favourite thing to do at Christmas-time.

In a stroke of luck, I am off Christmas day - I am definitely going to treasure it!!

Thought I would finish with pics of our tree - lights are on in the 2nd. Slowly moving away from the purple/silver theme we've had the last 2 years - my years of rebelling against my family's staunch traditionalism is over!

Online purchases... & reviews....

Have been doing a bit of online shopping lately, as have not always found what I want in-store.

First I made an order with Witchery, for these:

Order was made online on November 28. On December 7, I received an email to tell me it had been dispatched. It arrived to my po box/post office December 22. The shoes were brand new, never touched, in the shoe box & the top had also never been touched, still in it's plastic wrapping. The 2 were placed in another cardboard post box.

My second order was from Topshop. I have been wanting this jacket since I posted about it back in September.
 I ordered it online December 3. I received an email that it had been dispatched on December 7. It arrived on December19. The jacket was still on it's hanger (?!) & thrown into the brown paper bag with my sister's 2 pairs of tights.

Finally, I have been after a card holder for some time now for all of the store/loyalty program cards I seem to have accumulated....found this one on Saba. Looked in-store, but they didn't have it.

So I ordered it online on December 18 (a Sunday) - email for dispatch on December 19. Delivered to PO box December 20. It was in it's saba box, wrapped in a plastic postage thing.

Interesting to see such a diverse amount of postage time - sad that the Topshop order arrived long before Witchery - big fail for them.

Friday, December 23, 2011

This Past Week....

* Finished my first week of nights....
* Immediately followed by some retail therapy
* Enjoyed watching the sun rise whilst reviewing a patient (think I found the best view in the hospital!)
* Picked up some extra shifts
* Hung out with some kids I used to nanny (& stayed with recently in NYC)
* Thought about what I might buy in the Xmas sales
* Unexpectedly won an eBay auction (details to come in a future post)
* Did loads of laundry
* Tried out another Australian online shopping site, whilst still waiting for my last order to arrive
* Realised I should stop putting my own high expectations on other people
* Was so grateful that Mr TPS finally tidied up what had turned in to our jungle of a backyard without my nagging that I decided to do some cleaning myself!
* Completed all my xmas wrapping! And raced around doing some last minute xmas preparations!
* Picked up a friend's on-call shift, fully expecting to be called in... & it didn't happen.
* Continued my decluttering journey...

Some new listings...

A couple of new listings I am admiring...

Slightly out of my price range.

And smack bang in my price range. Will have to wait until after xmas to see when they have open for inspection.