Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Review pretties....

If that floral skirt or dress is still around when I get back from the US, I want it.

Topshop jacket envy...

Yet another Kate post ;)

Apparently Kate was spotted in Topshop in London purchasing this jacket:

I want one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dress ID

Forgot to mention that the dress Kate wore to the wedding is another Collette Dinnigan :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit inspiration...

Has anyone else noticed that the reporter for A Current Affair wears a lot of review?

Just saw her on the show in the following items I already own....

Had never even thought of pairing them together......


Why is it that when I finally go on a ban, pieces that I have been seeking for some time start to appear in the stores?!

I was in Zara today & they have the famous pre-honeymoon dress Kate wore...

I have wanted this dress for some time, but today I left it on the rack.... begrudgingly sticking to my ban. Guess it helps that our trip is getting closer AND the dollar appears to be dropping. Sigh :(

Meanwhile had a lovely catch-up with my old friend, I'll call her New York Girl. She's been living there for a year & is the person who is kindly taking my Missoni for Target delivery!! We went to the Sofitel for high tea & had a great spot near the window, with plenty of lovely tasty treats!

Back to work tomorrow :( But it's made much easier knowing that I have a long weekend coming up!!! The first public holiday I haven't been rostered for all year!!!!

While I was working...

It appears that Kate was off to a wedding!

Love the dress but not so sure about the colour....

This weekend was another one-dayer... made better by the fact that I was off sick so much last weekend, and I have today off.

Off to high tea at the sofitel today, will review when I get back.

Will be wearing my current favourite HTBKW with grey leggings, flats & cardi. (It's cold again in Sydney so I think my Saba leather jacket will be coming too...)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Attention Review Fans...

Got the email today about their mid season sale. It starts today.

As I am on a BAN, I will not be stepping foot near a review during this time. Lucky I'm working this weekend.

Oh & even the new season stock is on sale... 20% off new arrivals x

Enjoy & please share your purchases with me x

Monday, September 19, 2011

More pretty dresses....

Walked past the window of forever new this morning (they weren't open yet - probably a good thing) & this pretty dress caught my eye:
Also liking on the website:

 Now I know I'm too short for a midi skirt :( but I haven't tried a maxi.....

Review October Sneak Peek

"Confetti Bloom Collection"

Looks like the pretty dresses just keep coming!!! And found this one on their facebook page too:

I almost broke...

Today I was back to the GP again as coughing/runny nose still going & not wanting to spread my germs around. (Last time I was sick I managed to infect my whole team including 2 bosses - have learnt my lesson the hard way). Feeling very guilty about being off as I'm not usually one to take sick days. Planning on being back tomorrow!

As I wandered through the shopping centre on my way back from the medical centre I noticed that my lovely hairdresser was working & the salon was quiet, so popped in for a much-needed haircut. Also finally bought the much raved-about Moroccan Oil - will let you know how I find it.

I then headed into target to check out their homewares - since we've changed the rug in our lounge I'm needing some new blue-coloured cushions. None to be found....

I think I've mentioned before but I have a weak spot for target. The prices are just so cheap & I can always find something cute. Before I knew it I was heading to the change room with a dress, blazer & sweater. And of course, because I'm on a ban, they were all perfect. Sigh. I could already imagine the blog post with photos of my purchases & then I felt guilty about the ban.... and handed them all back to the girl on the way out!!!

The blazer was similar to this:
And the sweater similar to that witchery one I was lusting after a while ago....

Sigh. Why do the shopping gods always smile on you when you're not meant to be spending...

Of course I also checked out review.... they had the blue version of this dress in, it's totally divine!!

Royal Fashion Monday

Loving Mary in this H&M skirt:

You don't often see her in pants, but I love this outfit:

Loving Madeleine all dressed up (with spunky brother...)

and Victoria's jacket:

as well as Kate's, out shopping.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Mary & Frederick are heading to Australia!!!

When I'm going to be in America!! Sigh.

No news on whether or not the twins will be joining them :(


So since I posted this morning I got into a bit of a cleaning spree!!! I've really been neglecting chores around the house due to my workload.... but you should see the sink!!! And the stove!!! Even puggy has had a shower :)

Getting ready to go out to dinner with FIL & his lovely fiance....


And planning on taking this in case it gets cold (except I have the all black version), which is freshly back from the tailor's with it's shortened sleeves :)

Now just to decide which shoes to wear!!

Sick again :(

Well I knew my immune system was low recently....

Then Wednesday night I was freezing. Sore throat Thursday but dragged myself to work...

Friday morning I couldn't get out of bed. Finally got myself to the gp Saturday, purely due to the need for a sick certificate.

Feeling somewhat better today, has been worth it to have a proper rest for once!!!

Meanwhile, this divine weather is just teasing me when I feel so ordinary :(

Missoni for Target - My Order Update

When I mentioned my spending ban earlier, I forgot to put in the exclusion for the Missoni for Target US range. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be all that successful in purchasing!

One of my friends is currently living in new york - thought I would take advantage of her kind offer of purchasing online & having it sent to her. She is actually due to fly out of new york sunday, and I thought that I may just get lucky in the missoni stuff arriving to her before she leaves & can bring it home with her. However shipping was delayed & I'll just have to pick up my purchases when we are there in November.

So far target have shipped these:

Still waiting on shipment of:

Keeping my fingers crossed they end up shipping too!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Not without....

No collection of pics of Charlotte would be without what I call "horse-riding chic":