Saturday, March 31, 2012


Clearly not the home I was talking about in my last post, but couldn't resist sharing this all with you when it popped up in an ad when I opened Domain yesterday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

This Past Week...

* Finished up my last set of nights for the term - then have been on days off since finishing Monday morning!
* Embarrassed to say I've not done a whole lot this week. Did some online learning stuff due for Monday & a bit of cleaning. Otherwise I've been lazing around catching up on Pretty Little Liars & the new season of Army Wives.
* Decided it's time to get serious about trying to save for/buy a house. Am getting quite over all this apartment living. The rubbish situation & the mess in our garage is slowly getting to me. And spotting a house that meets most of our requirements & is well within our possible budget has spurred me on. Even if we're not ready to buy yet.
* On that note, decided to give ebay another try - will let you know how I go in a few weeks. I usually start all my auctions at 99c each but this time I'm starting each item at the amount I'd be happy to get for it.
* Visited my SIL & niece in their new home (that could be part of the reason that spurred me on for the house!)
* Picked up my mum's birthday present - won't share yet JUST in case she happens to read!
* Hung out with my parents as they were trying to pick a new carpet - no decision yet but it gave me some options for new carpets for our bedrooms - yet another thing to save for!!

Preparing for a busy few days... working the next 5, mum's birthday tomorrow night, off to a friend's for dinner tonight AND starting new term on Monday. On the plus side, the only day I'm rostered for over the Easter weekend is SATURDAY!!!! Yay! And I managed to switch a term so I've only got one more term of shiftwork - things are definitely looking up ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Royal Fashion Monday...

So many photos this week... (and a day late sorry!)

Charles & Camilla are touring Scandanavia...

Rose Ball happened in Monaco...

and we see the return of new mums - with some new official portraits from Victoria & Daniel & baby Estelle as well as Joachim, Marie & yet to be named baby girl ;)