Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Royal Fashion Monday...

This week was a bit of a recycled fashion one... which as you know I love, as it makes me feel like the royal families are slightly more normal.

(Charlene in a big coat AND carrying a big bag...hmmm....hehe you can tell how keen I am for them to announce a pregnancy!)

The following one was the repeat I got most excited about - Princess Mary in the H&M skirt I ended up picking up in the USA by chance, after my sister missing out on buying it for me in the UK.

This week brought out the latest pic of Estelle x

As well as Princess Marie & her eldest, celebrating his 3rd birthday...

Only Maxima could pull off this outfit!!

Meanwhile, with a mother this stylish, of course Victoria & Madeleine are always well dressed...

(Loving this last formal dress on Madeleine)

And the rest....

Until next week...!!

(Sorry for the late post this week, after 3 days of intensive course I have had 2 hellish days at work!!)


  1. I just love that there is a Princess Charlene in the world, not that i've ever met one but i suspect after Kylie Minogue played a character in Neighbours by the same name, everyone things Australia is full of them. She looked so terrified at the wedding, i do hope they are pregnant, she's like a royal Charlize Theron don't you think, both South African??
    We love our Princess Mary, i'm still yet to see her get it wrong & i've touched her, she's perfection in the flesh. All we have in common is that we're both Australian with 4 children including twins & married military men, then the fabulous connection ceases. Love Posie

    1. When I first met mother in law, she thought I looked like Mary, so one of her sisters started calling me that. (I really don't!)
      Now she thinks my husband & I look like William & Kate - I'm starting to feel like she's being rude & saying like I act like a princess! (we don't have the best relationship)