Friday, June 15, 2012

This Past Week....

* Last week of shift work this week! Back to Mon-Fri nexk week - going to be weird as haven't done that since October last year!
* Finishing up this term & sad to be moving on... such is the nature of my job :( Last shift will be this Sunday.
* Booked some of our Hawaii accommodation - can't wait!
* Watched a WHOLE heap of One Tree Hill - finished season 8, now making my way through season 9
* Exercised & cooked lots of fresh yummy meals :)
* Hung out with both of my nieces
* Helped my mum finish the closet decluttering/reorganisation
* Thinking of booking a trip to Melbourne....


  1. So since you mentioned OTH in a previous post, I started to watch it again (I had seen up to the last few eps of Season 6). Now have 1 ep to go of season 8 and then season 9. I had a couple of days off sick where i just had a OTH marathon! It is so damn addictive!

    1. I actually found season 8 (towards the end) a bit boring... Wait til you get to season 9, it all gets a bit intense!