Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Past Week...

* Hung out with my 2 sister-in-laws - managed to stick to the 12WBT eating by making extra of the lasagne & taking that to feed us all!
* Had my final shift in what has been my favourite term so far - lucky since that's the way my career is headed!!
* Came down sick AGAIN. Thought I was going to escape illness when the sore throat that hit me Friday night was gone by Sunday morning... no such luck!
* Slept in lots last weekend with Mr TPS - mainly as I was so sick I think!
* Started off the new term, so far so good, however I have not done Mon-Fri since last October AND to make it worse, last week was Sun-Fri.
* Ate lots of fresh, healthy food.
* Tried to catch up on some housework & laundry
* Finished off One Tree Hill
* Bought a beautiful pair of MJ by Marc Jacobs boots - pics to come!
* Finished off the week with some indian takeaway (oops but I'm blaming that masterchef episode where they cooked for that wedding!) & started preparing for our Hawaii trip by watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall - after all, we are spending 2 nights at that resort!

1 comment:

  1. How exciting, I really want to go to Hawaii!
    I have 5 eps of Season 9 OTH to go - the storylines have been pretty cringeworthy but this show is my guilty pleasure. I LOVE Logan, I want to track that kid down and adopt him!