Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Thirty...

Nothing Spent This Week!!!

Finally caught up!!

Last week -$8.30
This Week $100
I spent $0
Next week $91.70

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Royals attend the Opening Ceremony

Managed to spot most of them whilst watching - missed Mary! But they were focussing on Margrethe - Mr TPS was a little appalled by the colour of her teeth...

The ceremony was preceded by a royal function.

Conclusion? Definitely worth getting out of bed super early for!

Friday, July 27, 2012

This Past Week...

* Started off the week with a very busy Saturday - catching up with a group of friends for lunch, a family engagement party 'drop-by' & dinner & a movie with one of Mr TPS's friends!
* Sunday spent on call dreading being called in...
* Work-wise has been FLAT OUT busy & emotionally draining. I love that my job involves building relationships with people & supporting them through a very difficult time however there are times (like today) where it all catches up with you
* Jobs for next year opened & I am stressing about the thought of not getting the job I want.
* Eased some stress by hanging out with my niece - she definitely makes me laugh.
* Ended today by having a wine & cranking the Foo Fighters latest album - feeling better emotionally but now just very tired!

Planning on getting up at 530 tomorrow with Mr TPS to watch the opening ceremony - will be trying to put together an opening ceremony royal wrap up for you, so I'll be spending the time royal-spotting! (Remember the european royals often attend the olympic games!)

Hope you have a lovely weekend - I've already gotten a head-start on the laundry - thanks Dave Grohl for the motivation!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip Planning Thursday...

The last part of our holiday we will spend on Oahu - wanted to explore the North Shore & didn't want to just do it in a day trip, so ended up booking Turtle Bay Resort. The best deal for this was through their website. We'll be staying in a beach cottage.

Look familiar? Yes this is the resort where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed.

Then we will head to the touristy Waikiki Beach for more sight-seeing & of course shopping!!

Staying at The Royal Hawaiian based on former blogger TheStylishShoeGirl's recommendation... also I love an antique, and this was the second hotel built on Waikiki.