Friday, July 6, 2012

This Past Week...

* Struggled through another week of Monday-Friday... I'm ok up until Tuesday, but from Wednesday when I'm supposed to get up through til end of work week Friday, I'm terrible!!!
* Did a bit of sneaky online shopping...
* Booked our hire cars for Hawaii... Jeep wranglers on all 3 islands!!
* Did a bit of exercise but ate WAY badly... This goes hand in hand with me struggling through the week! Still lost a little weight though!
* Had my work outfits described by one of my bosses as Chanel-like one day & a Dior moment another - hehe totally love her
* Finished off the week with a date night to the movies with Mr TPS to see the new spiderman. I think I like him more than Tobey Maguire!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

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