Friday, July 13, 2012

This Past Week...

* Kicked off the weekend with a date night to dinner & a movie - ending with me dropping off Mr TPS for drinks with the boys!!
Checked out last weeks blogged-about house - a bit disappointed (which is kinda good as we're definitely not ready to be buying!!)
* Had a lovely afternoon with one of Mr TPS's friends & her daughter at their place. Puggy came too & played with their pug. A great afternoon of drinking, eating & laughing.
* Sunday saw my last day of shopping (was in desperate need of stockings, but disappointed with the rest of the trip) with yum cha & churros - sorry Michelle Bridges!
* Back to work Monday - seem to keep pretty busy on Monday & Tuesday with meetings etc, but the rest of the week is a bit 'go slow' - need to find something to fill my time more productively I think.
* Ended up having 2 days off sick this week... :( But cleaned the house a bit & got on top of the paperwork!
* Have to work a shift this weekend: Did a bit of a switch so working tomorrow instead of Sunday, freeing me up for a family birthday brunch on Sunday! (worked out quite nicely really)

Have a great weekend!!

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