Friday, July 20, 2012

This Past Week...

Well this week has been rough. Finished it off with a glass of white wine & a chocolate mousse for dinner!!

Not much to share...

And I don't usually talk about my work a lot (other than being there all the time!!), however I urge you all to watch The Descendents with George Clooney if you haven't already. Hollywood really does make things difficult by portraying death a certain way. The Descendents is the most realistic I have seen...

I love my job, but have had a really rough week managing families whose loved ones are slowly leaving them.... I blame Hollywood!

So after that doom & gloom I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I clearly need time out x

Please cross your fingers I don't get called in on Sunday x

(Please don't get your significant other to watch the descendents with you by telling him it will get you excited for your Hawaii trip - it really doesn't end well....)

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