Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Achievements

So back at the beginning of last year I set some goals for 2012.
Thought I should reflect on how I went...

1) The $100 a week shopping budget - there will be a whole post to come devoted to this.

Well I gave up on this budget at some point during the year, but I definitely bought less than last year & started thinking about purchases more.

2) Complete 2 courses to help me get a job in my chosen specialty.

One completed successfully, the results for the second should be available mid-January - fingers crossed!!

3) Get a job in my chosen specialty ;)

Done. And in my first choice location - got great terms for the year too - can't wait!

4) Sell Mr TPS's 2 seater, manual (which I can't drive anyway) car & buy a new one. Every year since I met him my goal has been: learn to drive a manual. Fast forward 8 years & 2 cars & I'm still not driving it.

Absolutely never thought we would achieve this. By late November, we still hadn't fixed the little things we wanted to do before we sold it. We managed to sell it for the profit (in cash) that we would have made after the repairs & servicing. Pretty impressed with that. Then a great interest free loan offer came along & we bought an SUV that we liked. So worth it!!

5) Maintain our home to be visitor-ready at all times.

Not 100% with this but definitely better than last year - think I need to declutter more, stop bringing so much into the house to begin with.

6) Overseas trip for relaxation/shopping - this trip will be exempt from shopping budget (see #1).

Tick! Hawaii - loved it. Didn't got that crazy with the shopping either!

7) Read 26 books. How did I get to 26? Well that is the average of the number of books I've read per year for the last 4 years. Meanwhile I've personally got over 40 books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read (Mr TPS has more than this!). So the books need to come from here & contribute to my ongoing decluttering.

Scraped in - 26! Have actually almost finished 27, but my week of nights in the last few days of 2012 threw me off track.

8) Finish decluttering the hidden areas: a shelf & 2 drawers in the spare room wardrobe, the bookshelf in the bedroom, the bookshelf in the entry and the kitchen cupboards.

Got the wardrobe done, the bedroom bookshelf (after a mould issue involving my shoe collection) & the entry. Want to get a hall table instead of a bookshelf in the entry but that may be a 2013 project.

9) Make the most of my time off, especially the days when Mr TPS & I are both off. Will be doing a lot of shift work for the first 6 months of 2012 which I am not thrilled about, but determined to make it work in my favour!!

Hmmm I still suck at this. We seem to spend the weekend grocery shopping, cleaning, catching up on errands.

10) A couple of mini-trips - one for my birthday, maybe a couple of others to visit friends ;)

Went to the Gold Coast & Canberra.

So overall not too bad really. Will update my 2013 goals in the next few days.

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  1. Glad to see that you have achieved those goals last year :). Look forward to seeing your post of 2013.