Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Wrap Up Of 2012

* Finally completed my year of internship
* Turned 30
* Worked a hell of a lot of night-shifts.
* Caught up with old friends
* Snuck in a post-birthday mini break to the Gold Coast with my mum & sister. Returned to work feeling refreshed & had a great first day back!
* Booked flights to Hawaii
* Books Read: New York - Edward Rutherford, Double Cross - James Patterson, Larger Than Life - Adele Parks, Cross Country - James Patterson, Room - Emma Donoghue, Dave Grohl Biography

* Participated in Frugal February. Although I am already on $100/week shopping budget, I attempted to cut it back even more, committing to no spending (Jason Wu for Target US collection excluded). I was not that successful.
* Experienced what everyone complained about with Missoni for Target with my top picks for Jason Wu selling out before I even realised it was selling online, then orders being cancelled. Sigh.
* Gained another niece - now I have 2 to shop for! ;) (To Mr TPS's horror)
* Finally started on my diploma course
* Caught up with new friends & their beautiful new babies
* Books Read: White Oleander - Janet Fitch, Alex Cross's Trial - James Patterson, I Alex Cross - James Patterson, Cross Fire - James Patterson, I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

* Started the month off with a mini-break to Canberra. Stayed at the lovely historic Hyatt. It was very wet, so had a lovely afternoon in the lobby with high tea, dinner in the hotel, then braved the weather the next morning at the Renaissance exhibition at the National Gallery before driving home.
* Seemed to have more days off than days at work! And loved it :)
* Got a lovely new security screen door for our courtyard & a screen on our enclosed balcony.
* Continued the art theme this month with a visit to Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW. Was so interesting to see the progression in his work & style over his career.
* Realised that I have booked my flights to Hawaii during "interview season" for jobs for next year - oops!! Almost changed the flights in a panic, then decided it might be worthwhile waiting to see the dates for this year first, in case by some miracle, they have changed
* Attended a friends baby shower, and found out another is pregnant!
* Completed my first term as a resident!!
*Books Read: Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly, Real Life of a Pediatrician - Perri Klass,  Insiders - Olivia Goldsmith, Patchwork Marriage - Jane Green, The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

* Started a term I was planning my career in with trepidation - what if I hated it? Where would my career head then? Thankfully, so far I'm LOVING it!
* My good friend New York Girl was in Sydney & we had a wonderful time catching up.
* Realised how lazy I've become with all these days off - so spent one of them clearing up the study desk instead of studying like I should've been. Actually the whole study got a bit of a tidy. Looking so much better, let's see how long it lasts!
* Attempted a no-spend month after the failure that was February.
* Books read: none! Oops...

* Completed a resuscitation course - it put me out of my comfort zone and I LOVED it!!!!
* Caught up with a friend from uni.
* One of my friends had a new baby - met him - I LOVE NEWBORNS!
* Books read: The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton, The Pact - Jodi Picoult, The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger

* Finished the term that cemented my career plans as I loved it & they loved me (luckily)
*Started to believe that I was quite competent & even had some unique strengths. Realised that teachers writing "TPS talks too much" on my school reports had become "TPS has exemplary communication skills" on my term reports - hehe take that cranky teachers!
* Books read: The Help - Kathryn Stockett

* Made more effort to catch up with old friends & spend time with Mr TPS.
* Guided both patients & their families through one of the most difficult (sad) times of their lives. Realised that I have become much stronger than I thought, and flourished. Loved it so much, felt slightly torn with my career choice but reassured in the fact that it is a different route to the same outcome if I want it to be...

* Was really moved by two specific patients who died... Still think of them & their families to this day, especially over the xmas period.
* Attended a friend's baby shower - I love buying gifts x
* Finished a term with the most inspirational bosses yet.

* Stressed about upcoming interview. Sat interview. Stressed about outcome.
* Headed to Hawaii & had a really luxurious vacation. Mr TPS & I really lived it up with private dinner on the beach, private fishing charter (Mr TPS), all day spa packages (me). Realised how much I love the Four Seasons chain - high expectations for future holidays!!
* Enjoyed shopping but didn't go overboard.
* Enjoyed the company of some new neighbours.
* Books read: The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, Hotel Babylon - Imogen Edwards-Jones

* Returned to reality of work with a week of nights - surprisingly felt more competent than expected covering new areas that I'd not been exposed to before.
* Spent the week off with appointments on 2 days at the dentist for some preventative work.
* Enjoyed my cousin's 2nd (Australian) wedding.
* Reassured with my career decision with a week relieving at my workplace for next year.
* Did some relief weeks in what was to be my next term - and felt HUGELY incompetent as it was so different, & with the knowledge that a week ago I had been quite competent. Sigh.
* Books read: Mercy of Mystery Close - Marian Keyes

* Started my last term for the year proper. Settled in, learnt heaps with a week of nights & grew in confidence from there. Felt happier as people got to know & like me more.
* Had a lovely high tea for a friend's birthday at the Intercontinental Sydney.
* Ordered jeans on shopbop via us parcel forwarding & still paid less than purchasing on shopbop & shipping straight to australia.
* Books read: Everything Changes But You - Marian Keyes

* Kicked off the month (hottest day of the year so far) meeting a friend at the Westin for a lovely heritage afternoon tea which came with a super refreshing blueberry mojito!
* Worked hard during the day, as well as quite a bit of after hours overtime.
* Was blessed to be able to have Xmas off & had a lovely time with family.
* Worked nights as we welcomed in the new year...
* Books read: Catching Fire & Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

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  1. Great list, amazing what can happen in a year.