Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Parcel Forwarding

As those of you following on Twitter will know, I was super excited about my large monster parcel of Prabal Gurung for Target USA arriving.

As Target USA do not ship to Australia (sadly) I decided it was time to try a new parcel forwarding service.

Enter Hop Skip Jump

Bria is a lovely Aussie living in the USA who understands our parcel forwarding needs :) My transaction was very smooth, I put through the orders & then let her know they were on their way. She collated my 3 packages into 1, and held off sending at the last minute when I discovered the bangle I thought I'd missed out on was shipping too. (Turns out they made a packing error & I've ended up with 2!)

My parcel arrived in about a week & everything was in perfect condition.

Would definitely consider using her service again (although after this monster order I am on a ban until June...)


  1. I'm sooooo envious of their Target, can't wait to raid the store in May. Their Target has better clothes/home stuff than 90% of our chain stores

  2. Oh thank you so much for this, I am looking for a parcel forwarder in the USA!!