Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mini Break - Canberra

Took advantage of Mr TPS working in Canberra last week & joined him for 3 days for a mini-break. With my new working schedule if I hadn't have gone down we would've barely seen each other all week!

Left Sydney on a beautiful sunny Tuesday & enjoyed the view from the train on the way to the airport.

Flew Virgin Australia - my preferred airline :) And on the flights to/from Canberra you get snacks!!!

Empty seat next to me - lots of legroom & comfort :)

These flights are often bumpy - but I loved it (I feel cheated if I fly & it's smooth). Enjoyed the views...

Arrived to more beautiful blue skies (in the taxi on the way to Canberra Centre)

Was not really in the mood for shopping (I know, I'm shocked too! But I guess that's what happens with a ban..) so took advantage of cheap Tuesday...

Spent a morning at the beautiful Canberra Day Spa - indulged in the Body Rejuvenation package - there was a nice touch of snacks & champagne in between the wrap & massage...

Had a great dinner at Me & Mrs Jones in Kingston

And a morning at the War Memorial before a day of op-shopping.

Had a very yummy breakfast in the Terrace café there - totally recommended - great food & views!

And flew out of the ultra modern newly renovated Canberra Airport...

Love the reminder on my lock screen & being able to download my boarding pass to passbook.

More snacks & another empty seat on the way home!! And wine!


It was a great trip & a much needed break.


  1. Your getaway sounds fab! Especially the trip to the Day Spa :)

    A visit to the War Memorial is a must when you're in Canberra. I hope this doesn't sound sadistic but I love visiting that place!


  2. Perfect mini break. Makes me want to book a trip. I was born there and still have fam there but haven't visited for a few years now. X

  3. Looks like you had a well deserved mini-break! I always find a getaway to Canberra is surprisingly fun and full of lovely things to explore!