Sunday, December 15, 2013


Those of you who follow me on twitter would already know that things have been hectic of late...

Work has been busy & challenging with an added up to hour drive each way (a big difference from my usual 10mins!)

We celebrated my aunts 70th, my BIL's 30th, Mr TPS's father & grandmother's birthday.

Mourned the loss of my grandmother.

Decided that we would take advantage of the market & hurriedly put our apartment for sale. This meant a lot of work including new lawn, carpet & some serious decluttering & staging. It paid off - we sold prior to auction & for a price much higher than we expected.

Not ready to buy we moved back into my parents - for now we are living out of bags in my old room - in the next few weeks we will move our furniture here & set up in their granny flat.

My good friend New York girl arrived back in Aus for Xmas this week.

Thank goodness I'm now on annual leave - was feeling quite burnt out & cranky! Lots to do now.

Here is some food from the last few weeks...



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