Friday, May 16, 2014

Pre Auction Thoughts...

After almost 6 months of looking Mr TPS & I are finally making our first offer on a house tomorrow.

It is going to auction.

We have set a maximum price which is well under the maximum we have decided we can afford.... This is because I refuse to pay huge amounts over what the home is worth in terms of size & land size.

I think we are going to miss out as everyone seems to be paying huge amounts over the value - and it seems to get worse every week.

In the meantime I have closed an order on Gilt 3 times in the last day as I think we need to just keep saving - feel like we're never going to be able to buy something!

Wish us luck x


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! Houses are the most stressful thing, aren't they?!?! I have done the same thing on some online orders this week, I am scared how much our renovations are going to cost, I feel like I should be saving or we'll end up with a gigantic debt. Please keep us all updated with how it goes tomorrow xxxx

    1. I will definitely be tweeting - unless I have a horrid night at work & just want to sleep tomorrow & don't go with mr tps. That's right of course I'm working the 2 nightshifts either side!!
      When I am super close to ordering & close at the payment page I immediately transfer that money into my savings. A couple of weeks ago it was a $120 oroton clutch & today $120 of clothes. Smallish amounts but will all add up in the long run ;)
      I just don't understand how people are affording these properties!!!

  2. Oh god luck. I hope the budget has made every one nervous for you

    1. Lol thanks lovely - me too!!!! (But doubt it)

  3. Late I'm sorry but I hope all went well. Any luck?