Monday, June 9, 2014

Royal Fashion Monday...

Love this Maxima dress but looks unfinished?

You know how much I'm lusting over Letizia's Hugo Boss skirt already!!

Madeleine & baby Leonore are back in Sweden for the Christening...

Great to see Charlotte back out & about...

You can totally tell where the inspiration for the royal family in gossip girl came from ;)

Maxima is always beaming & loves her bright colours doesn't she? Love the neutral outfits, especially with a nice ponytail...

Loved seeing everyone getting together for the 70th anniversary of D Day x

And the future Queen of Spain, working as hard as ever



  1. Just what I needed on this dreary and wet day.

    Thank you, luvvy.

    SSG xxx

    1. I'm also having a lovely afternoon in front of the fire, catching up on blogs & blogging.
      Loved your post on Dame Bashir today, such a wonderful woman.